About us


Since ancient times, weaving has held an integral position in Mayan society. To this day their handmade textiles play a profound role in their lives. All of our products are made by Mayan women aged 30 to 60. The women have their own businesses, and work out of their homes in western Guatemala as they have always done. 

Handmade goods previously sold at a local, Mayan market are now being distributed through out the world. The products and the production techniques utilized in their manufacture are essentially the same as centuries before. Only the market has radically changed. We are proud to offer these carefully crafted items that bespeak a rich heritage and a great skill and dedication.

The Maya of Guatemala is one of the last native people on earth whose ancient culture has not yet been completely assimilated into the western world.    Over the last few decades the world has come to love Mayan crafts. While products and colors have been modified to meet the demands of the non-Mayan consumer the Mayans still manufacture them as they have for centuries. 

Since 1991 our import businesses helps keep the Mayans gainfully employed doing what they have done for centuries, in their ancestral villages and, most importantly, in their native tongue, then they can go on being "Mayan" for centuries to come. We can help preserve their culture and traditions for generations to come.