friendship bracelet cotton with custom letters



Body = 5 inches; 4.5 inch ends. 1/4 inch wide. Cotton wrapped around a hidden flex strip for crisp presentation. These come in random multicolors or you may choose colors. You may choose a 3 or 2 color bracelet. Up to 22 letters and spaces combined in the message for a 2 color bracelet, and 17 letters and spaces combined for a 3 color bracelet. Allow 6-8 weeks for most orders.



该商品的最小采购数量是 240

Shipping Rates


数量 折扣 您节省了
500 $0.10 以上 $50.00
1000 $0.15 以上 $150.00
5000 $0.40 以上 $2,000.00


Large quantities our specialty call us for a quote. We are experts in providing custom friendship bracelets in quantity and on time. This item is great for corporate logos and events, schools, camps, team names and/or colors, etc.

Regarding colors, many clients simply ask for multiple colors, which is a wide assortment of different colors that are very pretty. Alternatively you may specify colors.

They can do capital letters only, some basic transliterations from other languages if they are similar to capital letters in English, plus some basic punctuation such as an apostrophe, dash or period.

Very popular item and the quickest to make of the different lettered friendship bracelets.

Minimum order 240 pieces. Note volume discounts.





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